Fette Compacting
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• New customer center in Schwarzenbek will open in September.

• New plant in Nanjing/China aims to double capacity.

• Containment packages as option for all tablet presses.

Frankfurt/Schwarzenbek, 15 June 2015 – Fette Compacting, a member of the LMT Group, is continuing its successful growth course of recent years. “Efficiency in production is and remains the decisive issue for our customers,” emphasizes Olaf J. Müller, CEO of the LMT Group and Managing Director of Fette Compacting. “Under the guiding principle of operational excellence, users in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly shifting their attention from the machine to the overall tableting process and the skills of their employees. That is why we continue to invest in our infrastructure and the facilities for training employees and customers.”

Investments in infrastructure worldwide

The LMT Group parent company has invested approximately 12 million euros in the construction of a new Fette Compacting customer center in Schwarzenbek, which will be opened in September. In Nanjing, planning has begun for a new building that will enable Fette Compacting to double its production capacity in China. The new facility is scheduled to commence operation by the end of 2017 at the latest. Fette Compacting is building the new plant to answer increasing demand from “pharmerging markets” in the rapidly growing newly industrialized countries, such as Brazil, China and India. The company has already installed over 350 P2020 and P3030 machines, which are produced in Nanjing, around the world. Fette Compacting presented the youngest member of the P Series at the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) in May. The machine with model designation P1010 has been specially designed to meet the requirements of customers in growth markets, who need a machine that satisfies all the FDA and cGMP rules, but also gives them the necessary flexibility to process small batches.

Internationalization of the LMT Group Academy

The foundation of the LMT Group Academy China in March 2015 takes account of the growing importance of knowledge-based services. This facility offers ongoing training and courses for customers and employees of Fette Compacting and its sister company LMT Tools. Following the same model, the business group intends to open an academy in India next year.

“Upgrade Your Efficiency” – tailor-made offerings for efficient tablet production

Fette Compacting is presenting its product and service offering at ACHEMA 2015 under the motto “Upgrade Your Efficiency”. The technological highlight is the optional containment package that will enable users to equip standard machines in future to meet the requirements of OEB Level 3. The first model for which the package will be available is the FE55 (see separate press release). In addition, Fette Compacting will be informing specialist fair visitors about solutions for efficient lifecycle management and its new service offerings, for example, for plant modernization.