Fette Compacting
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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Based on this idea, we developed the Fette Compacting Efficiency Guide, the new guidance system for our entire product and service range.

The Efficiency Guide combines three areas of expertise: TECHNOLOGY, SERVICE, COMPETENCE.

TECHNOLOGY stands for everything we offer in production technology – from tablet presses and capsule filling machines through process equipment to tableting tools and format parts.

SERVICE covers all the services related to machines, installations and process equipment such as spare parts supply, plant modernization and technical field service department.

COMPETENCE is the overarching idea behind all our process-related services. This includes training, product trials, application and performance consulting as well as Engineering.

On this Website you will find the systematics of the Efficiency Guide in the "products" again. Furthermore we use the Efficiency Guide for our brochures and our fairs, to help you to quickly and easily locate all the relevant Information and contacts for all matters concerning tableting.

We invite you to cooperate with the Efficiency Guide to discover the service portfolio of Fette Compacting.