Fette Compacting
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A new standard of efficiency for tablet production

The FE55 is the first tablet press of a new generation of machines. It sets new industry standards within three key areas: productivity, flexibility and availability. The tablet production process has become significantly more efficient.

The FE55 is the first machine of its size with which users can serially produce more than 90 percent of all tablet types without any additional investments or costly upgrades.  This is made possible, among other things, by the three press stations which are integrated into one machine.  Thus, as a result, users are able not only to produce mono- and bi-layer tablets, but also to compress non-granular powder directly.

The new filling system guarantees effortless filling, even when using complex powder mixtures that tend to form bridges with conventional filling systems.  The innovative Kegel filling unit has far fewer mechanical parts and fills the dies virtually directly without redirecting the material over several wheels as in the past. 

One feature which guarantees high performance during production is the unique ratio of punches to area (up to 87 punches on 1.6 square meters). In addition there is a newly patented first layer sampler for the production of bi-layer tablets.  Instead of the usual 20 seconds required, sampling of the first layer takes only four seconds, thanks to a pneumatically adjustable compression roller.  
An innovative, internal tablet outlet chute ensures uninterrupted and smooth production.  A special control mechanism prevents sample tablets or damaged tablets from blocking the outlet.

TRI.EASY-Design: Simply efficient

An equally important factor in the productivity of the system is the TRI.EASY-Design. The idea behind this concept is that  technology can only be efficient when it is equally easy (EASY) in all three (TRI) aspects: operation, refitting and maintenance. Hence, the TRI.EASY design focuses on the user and guarantees smooth operation.

The table upon which the filling unit stands can be manually adjusted in 30 micrometer increments. This enables users to ensure the filling unit is always optimally positioned over the segments. It is equally simple to change the turrets. After users have parked the pressing units, they are able to change the turret without any physical exertion thanks to a specially designed tool that is integrated in the machine.

Easy-access to all components

The 360-degree accessibility of the machine ensures that its parts and components are easily accessible not only during operation and product changes, but also during repairs and maintenance.  All the components of the FE55 have been designed to be easily dismantled and cleaned. Fette Compacting has also focused on user-friendliness in the FE55’s completely redesigned Human-Machine-Interface.  Users are able to monitor all the press’s operations via the 19" touchscreen.