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In the past, raising output meant increasing the sizes of tablet presses too. Now’s it’s the turn of the Fette Compacting FE75 to prove the opposite. With a base just two square metres in size and maximum capacity of over 1.6 million tablets per hour, the double-sided rotary tablet press is a new benchmark in tableting productivity. Furthermore, the new machine‘s four pairs of compression rollers help process even powder and granulate that are hard to press.

Fette Compacting‘s FE75 is the third model in the fundamentally redeveloped FE Series. The FE75 is the only double-sided rotary tablet press of its size that allows producers to press single and double-layer tablets and powder directly. Configured with FS12-dies and 115 die stations, the tablet press achieves maximum output of more than 1.6 million tablets per hour. The four compression phases allow manufacturers to work with two intermediate compression stations and therefore even to press products that are difficult to compress. Therefore, during direct pressing FS19-dies enable compression-dwell times that are 166% longer.

Production of bigger batches

The FE75 shares the technical highlights with the first two models in the series. These include the newly developed conical filling device, the precisely adjustable filling table, new types of compression rollers, the internal failure-free tablet chute and the new control terminal. The FE75 has also been enhanced to handle big batches. For example, pneumatically controlled product scrapers have been integrated as a standard. These ensure constant contact pressure and minimise product losses. The filling devices fitted on both sides allow processing of even the most challenging product mixtures easily and reliably. And in conjunction with a closed curve pulling system, a newly developed lubricating system, where the head of the die and the shaft are separated, prevents contamination of tablets.

Superb vibration damping and easy turret replacement

The FE75’s two-component frame structure is also new and air cushioning in the feet ensures optimum vibration damping in the machine. Fette Compacting’s also treading new paths when it comes to exchanging the FE75’s turret. The process (patent pending) involves lifting the turret with a lever mechanism over the compression rollers’ adjustment drive and then conveying it out of the machine on a support carrier made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. As a result, virtually no additional effort is required by operators to change the turrets.