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The newest Fette Compacting subsidiary has been providing customers with local consulting in the Gulf States and the Middle East since mid-2016. The new Fette Compacting Middle East FZE will be able to provide customers with even faster and more individual support in the Arab region.

One major reason for the creation of this site is the high demand for qualified experts for pharmaceutical manufacturers in those countries. According to Camelot Management Consultants, the Middle East is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical markets worldwide with an annual growth rate of more than nine percent.* Among other factors, this is attributable to high population growth in the Gulf States and increased life expectancy, as well as, the increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Accordingly, the demand for medication is also increasing steadily. In order to react swiftly to customer requirements, Fette Compacting is reorganizing itself in the region in the form of a subsidiary.

Patrick Polewka is the Managing Director of the subsidiary in Dubai. He has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East, and is married with two children.


*Camelot Management Consultants (2016): Blooming and Booming: The Pharmaceutical Market in the Gulf Region.

Fette Compacting Middle East FZE
Jebel Ali Free Zone Jafza Lobby 14, Office 308
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 48808226

Patrick Polewka

Patrick Polewka has been Managing Director of the Fette Compacting Middle East East FZE subsidiary in Dubai since July 2016.

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