Fette Compacting


Fette Compacting documentation

As a rule, tablet presses are not standard products. Instead, our specialists customize the design of the entire complex system specifically for particular types of production. The basis for this is a User Requirement Specification (URS) from the client company in which all the requirements are defined.

We produce the "Fette Customized" qualification package in collaboration with the customer. With this, it is specially tested and shown how the specific requirements would be implemented through modifications of the standard presses. In addition, the effects of these modifications on the overall characteristics of the press are also included in the operating instructions.

Key features:

  • FAT
  • SAT
  • IQ
  • OQ
  • FDS
  • CSV
  • PQ (verification of product-relevant functions with the customer product)
  • Product optimization (supported by Fette Compacting)