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Frankfurt, 15 June 2015 - ACHEMA 2015: Fette Compacting invests in customer proximity and training

Fette Compacting, a member of the LMT Group, is continuing its successful growth course of recent years. “Efficiency in production is and remains the decisive issue for our customers,” emphasizes Olaf J. Müller, CEO of the LMT Group and Managing Director of Fette Compacting.

Frankfurt, 15 June 2015 - ACHEMA 2015: Efficient in containment - dustproof becomes new standard

Product, environmental and occupational safety requirements are increasing for pharmaceutical producers because of new trends in active ingredients and regulatory changes. When it comes to tableting, dustproof production will become the minimum standard. That’s why in the future Fette Compacting will offer all new tablet presses with a containment option. The FE55 rotary press will be the first to do so at ACHEMA 2015.

Frankfurt, 15 June 2015 - ACHEMA 2015: Lifecycle-management makes production processes efficient

Efficient production is one of the keys for pharmaceutical companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. The greatest potential here lies in the optimization of existing processes. At ACHEMA 2015, Fette Compacting is presenting a comprehensive service offering that will enable users to realize this potential. The main emphasis here will be on solutions for comprehensive lifecycle management.

Frankfurt, 15 June 2015 - ACHEMA 2015: Simple and safe tool handling with Fette Compacting's new TRI.EASY case system

Although many tablet production processes are now fully automated, manual work is still required when tableting tools are stored, transported and cleaned. Unfortunately, the more often users have to touch the tools, the higher the risk of damaging them, especially the punches. Fette Compacting’s new case system means those days are over.


Düsseldorf, May 8, 2014 - Interpack 2014: Fette Compacting Aims for Sustained Growth with New Technologies and Services

The FE75 high-performance double-sided rotary tablet press rounds off the FE Series. LMT Group invests €12 million in a new customer center at its Schwarzenbek site. Substantial expansion of business in growth markets. Disproportionately high growth in service offering planned.

Düsseldorf, May 8, 2014 - Interpack 2014: Fette Compacting FE75 Offers Top Performance for Large Batch Production

The new FE75 rounds off Fette Compacting’s innovative FE Series. Users can equip this high-performance double-sided rotary press with up to 115 punch stations and produce more than 1.6 million tablets per hour.

Düsseldorf, May 8, 2014 – Service Portal – Digital First Aid

Production breakdowns result in enormous costs. Fette Compacting is now offering customers a direct link from their machines to qualified service engineers with a new remote servicing portal.


Schwarzenbek, 9 October 2013 - Pharma world comes to Schwarzenbek

Fette Compacting invited customers, partners and experts to attend Service Days 2013 on 2 and 3 September. The gathering became a global industry event: Schwarzenbek in Schleswig-Holstein was able to welcome a total of 36 participants from 12 countries. Attention focused on the question: How can tablet production meet increasing demand in the face of globally harmonized quality standards?

Schwarzenbek, May 2013 – Fette Compacting convincing on the international stage

Efficient, modern pharmaceutical production are the catchwords at FETTE COMPACTING's exhibition appearances. Simultaneously at TechnoPharm in Nuremberg (Germany) and at Interphex in New York (USA) the company demonstrated how efficiency can now be developed systematically. The motto "Efficiency Guide" led visitors to discover the range of services provided globally, comprising technology, service and competence. A particular highlight from the technological field is the new member of the FE series: the FE 35.

Fette COmpacting’s booth at the TechnoPharm 2013 in Nuremberg

Fette Compacting at the TechnoPharm 2013

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Fette Compacting’s booth at the Interphex 2013

Fette Compacting at the Interphex 2013

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Schwarzenbek, March 2013 - Fette Compacting with prize-winning design

In 2013, the new FE35 tablet press from Fette Compacting was immediately awarded two internationally famous design prizes. Like the first model in the FE Series, the FE55, it achieved the red dot design award. And in addition, it was recognized by the iF product design award 2013.

Thomas Heinrich, Fette Compacting Head of Development, is presenting the new tablet press FE35 at ACHEMA.

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Schwarzenbek, June 18, 2012 - On course for growth with innovations and investments

World premiere for the second tablet press in the new FE series. Company gains additional market share. Growth is to be encouraged by investments in international network and extension of the range of services offered.

Fette Compacting Head of Development Thomas Heinrich introduces the new tablet press FE35 on the Achema booth as well as live via internet.

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Olaf J. Müller, CEO Fette Compacting

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Frankfurt, June 18, 2012 - Fette Compacting FE35 - The fastest for product changeovers

Fette Compacting presents the second machine in the new FE Series at ACHEMA 2012: FE35. The FE35 is a single rotary press that can be fitted with up to 51 punch stations, enabling the production of approximately 370,000 tablets per hour. However, it is the rapid product changeover that makes this new machine so efficient: For example, Fette Compacting estimates that the turret can be removed within a mere 15 minutes. It offers customers the fastest product changeover of all tablet presses in its class.

Schwarzenbek, June 18, 2012 - In motion - Fette Compacting India

In recent years, India was able to develop into the third largest pharmaceutical industry worldwide. With a market volume of 20 billion US dollars and good growth perspectives, it is rapidly changing from a lucrative market to a production location. Fette Compacting is part of this development. As the only manufacturer of tablet presses, the company operates its own competence center in India. In Goa, customers can train their employees and carry out test press runs under production conditions.

Schwarzenbek, June 18, 2012 - The potential of "pharmerging markets" - quantity and quality

Rising income levels as well as new lifestyle and eating habits are increasingly changing the face of disease in emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil. These regions, however, offer more than huge sales potential. For the large pharmaceutical companies, they are becoming increasingly attractive as production sites.

Schwarzenbek, May 16, 2012 - Competence Centre for tableting technology opens in brazil

It offers a unique range of services for the South American market: Fette Compacting has opened a tableting technology competence centre in Campinas near São Paulo. Over 100 guests attended the opening in April – and also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Brazilian subsidiary.

Olaf J. Müller (CEO Fette Compacting), Dr. Michael Heinrich (Head of Board, LMT Group), Edilson Viola (CEO Fette Compacting Amerika Latina), Angelika Bengel and Franziska Eichel (Partner LMT Group) l.t.r.

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Pedro Serafim (Mayor of Campinas) (right) and Edilson Viola (CEO Fette Compacting America Latina) at the opening of the competence center in Campinas.

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Schwarzenbek, 7 May 2012 - Excellent start to the year for Fette Compacting

World market leader in tableting technology wins two prestigious industry prizes: the red dot design award for the new FE55 tablet press and the PR Report Award for the accompanying communication campaign.


Düsseldorf, May 12, 2011 - Interpack 2011: World premiere for new generation of Fette Compacting tablet presses

Fette Compacting, an LMT Group company, has presented an entirely new generation of tablet presses for the first time at the Interpack 2011. The FE55 is the first machine of its size enabling users to produce more than 90% of all tablet forms as standard. This new generation of machines is a cornerstone of the future strategy applied by the company.

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Trade fair Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf

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Tablet press FE55 with Terminal

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Düsseldorf, May 12, 2011 - Tomorrow’s pharmaceutical production: efficient, holistic, global

The global pharmaceutical market is facing fundamental changes. While during the boom times companies were mainly concerned with growing faster than their competitors, recent years have been characterized primarily by enormous price pressures. The future is also anything but rosy. Higher costs for the development and production of blockbusters, competition from pharmaceutical companies that produce in low-wage countries and competition from producers of generic drugs are the most important drivers of this development. The latest forecasts in IMS Market Prognosis also confirm that the era of unbridled growth is over.

Schwarzenbek, April 8, 2011 - Fette Compacting opens competence center for the Indian pharmaceutical industry in Goa

India is one of the most rapidly growing markets for medications. In terms of production, it is already home to the world's second-largest pharmaceutical industry. In the Indian state of Goa, which is in the west of the country, Fette compacting, a subsidiary of the LMT Group, has opened a competence center for tablet manufacture in March. Regine Bengel, principal shareholder of the LMT group of companies traveled to India together with the family of partners and the management board and was able to welcome more than 60 guests from locally active pharmaceutical companies to the opening celebrations.