Fette Compacting


Disruptions to production are enormously expensive. When a machine comes to a standstill, professional service is crucial in pharmaceuticals production.

Fette Compacting’s new Service Portal pledges swift help. As soon as the operator presses the service button on the machine’s control panel, a service technician answers from the terminal’s monitor. The technician then uses a webcam and remote access to provide a fast diagnosis and instructs the machine’s operator on how to locate and eradicate the fault. Fette Compacting’s service network is notified if the malfunction can’t be put right directly. Therefore, specially trained technicians can deliver local support to customers all over the world.

Professional maintenance management – prevention is better than cure

The Service Portal also helps to avoid downtime in advance. The portal has a comprehensive maintenance-management tool for this purpose. The data is exchanged via a secure, encrypted connection between the machine’s server and a client. This means that operators have an overview of key production data at all times. Fette Compacting and all other Excellence United partners belong to the Service Portal. Consequently, over 600 service personnel are available all over the globe to provide assistance at all levels of production quickly.