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What expectations do users have of a next-generation capsule filling machine? How productive and efficient should it be? What should it offer to ensure that users can work optimally with this machine? These were the questions asked by our engineers in the development of the first capsule filling machine produced by Fette Compacting. The result is a premiere in the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing: with a production output of up to 400,000 capsules per hour, the FEC40 sets new standards in the efficiency of capsule filling machines.

Thanks to the compact design of the FEC40, this increased output is even possible on the same floor space. Conversely, this means that without changing clean rooms which are already available and deploying the same number of personnel, users can reduce the production costs per 1,000 capsules by up to 30 percent.

The technical basis for this performance boost is represented by a patent-registered drive and control concept, as explained by Jan-Eric Kruse, Managing Director at Fette Engineering: "For the very first time, we are using established servo and torque motors in a capsule filling machine to set each process step separately. Among other things, this has enabled us to set each process step separately. This enables the user to significantly reduce the overall cycle time, for example, without increasing product loads."

In developing the FEC40, the pharmaceutical machine designers relied on their many years of experience as a world leader with the knowledge of 65 years in tableting technology. They transferred the basic technical principles of the double rotary press to capsule filling and succeeded in accommodating an additional filling unit in the machine. Combined with intelligent drive technology, this doubled output volumes without requiring the user to increase the machine cycle time. "The advantage for the customer is that he can transfer his previous formulations one to one to the new machine and start producing more efficiently with immediate effect", promises Kruse. "And if they want, capsule fillers can double their production output without changing anything at all - except investing in an FEC40, of course."

For more information about the new machine from Fette Compacting and their performance, see our new website.

Johann Van Evelghem
Business Development Manager
Fette Engineering
Grabauer Str. 24
21493 Schwarzenbek
Phone: +49 4151 12 903

FEC40: the first capsule filling machine by Fette Compacting

The first capsule filling machine by Fette Compacting, the FEC40, allows a production output of up to 400,000 capsules per hour.

Compact construction according to the principles of tableting

Compact construction: Fette Compacting has transferred the principle of the double rotary press from tableting to the hard capsule filling for the first time.

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