Fette Compacting


Highly concentrated and highly toxic products place special demands on production facilities. Fette Compacting recently realized a project for a major American pharmaceuticals company in which three “Wash in Place (WiP)” machines were deployed to create a safe production environment. Following several months of intensive development, the client will launch the production facilities at the end of July.

The client approached Fette Compacting America with a very special request a little over a year ago. The pharmaceuticals company planned to order a total of three “Wash in Place (WiP) Machines”, as well as the requisite peripheral machines, from Fette Compacting. During the subsequent months, a German-American project team developed the project specifications. Fette Compacting implemented the project mostly as the principal supplier. The Client wishes to launch plant operations for the production of three products at the end of July, 2012. In the future, the machines will be used to produce up to nine different medical drugs.

Fette Compacting not only supplies the WiP machines for this project, but also provides all process equipment required for seamless production: from the BIN Filter to the dust collector to the filter system. It is of utmost importance in the production of highly toxic medical drugs that all devices are seamlessly aligned with one another. Operations can only be deemed safe once it is guaranteed that no toxic dust particles are released into the air. “Such complex projects are a challenge for us.” They allow us to apply our expertise in close collaboration with the client and thus create a perfect production environment” says Jörg Gierds, Product Manager at Fette Compacting.