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WiP & High-Containment - Solutions by Fette Compacting


When highly active and toxic pharmaceutical substances have to be compressed, the use of a Wash in Place (WiP) Systems reduces the exposure of the machine operators and enables them to achieve significant cuts in downtime for product changeovers. Another feature reducing machine downtime is the semi-automatic cleaning function. These machines can be equipped with accessories to meet the customer's exact specification.


If a WiP press is also fitted with a contain­ment package, this will open up new opportunities for handling toxic granulation. Emission-free cleaning procedures make it possible to complete product changeovers quickly and safely.

In order to eliminate problems with removal of stubborn product residues from the compression area, the containment package for the basic 1090i, 2090i and 3090i WiP & Containment press are fitted with a manually-operated spray gun and suction nozzle for pre-cleaning. There is an integrated rapid transfer port (RTP) for insertion of tools.

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