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Efficiency for pharmaceuticals and nutrition.

The requirements on flexibility and efficiency in the production of pharmaceuticals and nutrition products are increasing fast. Fette Compacting is a leader in this area. We offer integrated solutions for the entire production process. Tablet presses, capsule filling machines, tableting tools and process equipment. Plus extensive services, training offers and Performance Consulting.

FE CPS – the gamechanger

Lean plant design. Short process time. Fast product changeovers. Continuous manufacturing has never been easier, more cost-efficient and more flexible.

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Growth market nutrition

Smart Food Performance by Fette Compacting. We are opening the next level of efficient production in the expanding nutrition market.

Nutrition market
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The new, digital learning platform for Fette Compacting products.

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The new i Series – the next level of efficiency

Flexible and dust-tight next-generation tablet production.

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In tablet and capsule production, efficiency is a significant cost factor and therefore a decisive competitive element, which is why Fette Compacting offers a variety of closely-interwoven systems in an effort to reduce production costs.

Fette Compacting's Efficiency Guide effectively breaks down the solution into three key areas.

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Stands for everything we offer in production technology – from tablet press and capsule filling machines through process equipment to tableting tools and format parts.

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Covers all the services related to machines, process equipment and installations such as spare parts supply, plant modernization and technical field service department.

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Is the overarching idea behind all our process-related services. This includes training, product trails, application and Performance Consulting as well as engineering.

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Dr. Schwabe and the Leanmaster

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Part of a strong international group of companies

Fette Compacting is a member of the LMT Group. This international, family-owned group of companies unites specialized manufacturers in the area of precision tool and special machinery construction.

2,200 people are employed worldwide by the LMT Group. Turnover reached 370 million euros in 2020.