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At the ACHEMA 2018, Fette Compacting presented itself as a reliable partner working side by side with its customers to tackle the challenges of the years to come. The pharmaceutical industry is currently setting the course for the future in the form of key technical innovations which include the production of pharmaceuticals under containment conditions.

In order to guarantee sustained success, manufacturers are therefore increasingly setting their sights on the entire life cycle of their products. Fette Compacting picks up on this approach with a new concept Lifetime Efficiency that users could experience for the first time at ACHEMA 2018.

From the development of new machinery through consulting ahead of production to roll-out or relocation of production processes: with this comprehensive approach, Fette Compacting supports its customers at each phase of a pharmaceutical’s life cycle.

At the ACHEMA 2018, visitors could experience how Fette Compacting unites technology, service and process-based services in this guiding principle.

Lifetime Efficiency

Fette Compacting has developed a new service offering for the optimization of tablet production and capsule filling under the name Lifetime Efficiency. This service is based on the comprehensive analysis and systematic improvement of all production processes. It enables users not only to exploit previously untapped potentials, but also to increase the efficiency of production and achieve savings over the entire life cycle of the machine.

Safely certified

User protection, environmentally-friendly processes and the prevention of cross contamination: as the pharmaceutical industry processes increasingly highly-active and toxic substances, ever higher demands are made on efficient containment.

In the form of its Containment Guard, Fette Compacting has developed the first quality certificate which establishes the retention efficiency of containment tableting plants even before the conclusive risk test conducted by the operator.

The Containment Guard level is derived from the results of the standardized measurement procedure which documents the efficiency of a plant and enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to reliably compare the solutions offered by various suppliers.

Capsules on the up


Tablets are still the no. 1 as they remain the most popular form of administering medication in most countries. Hard gelatin capsules currently come in at second place but are swiftly gaining ground.

Capsules can be dosed flexibly, manufactured efficiently and offer many advantages in the development of medication. But capsule production is complex and cost-intensive. In an effort to lower production costs, manufacturers are looking for solutions for combining high production output and maximum quality.

Fette Compacting offers both: in the form of the FEC40, a capsule filler was launched in 2016 whose tremendous output set entirely new standards. Before that, capsule filling machines were only capable of manufacturing up to 200,000 capsules per hour while the FEC40 achieves an output volume of 400,000.


Discover digital excellence – together with our Excellence United partners, we will be presenting integrated solutions for Pharma 4.0 in our joint exhibition space.

Discover Digital Excellence

Capsule fillers of thefuture


Fast product change, intuitive operation and full control over all process steps: a capsule filling machine must be capable of offering all of these if it is to be the most efficient solution on the fast-paced capsule market.

The new FEC20 offered by Fette Compacting extends the FEC series product family and applies its revolutionary technical concept to the FEC40 in medium-sized batch sizes of up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

Like the larger FEC40 (400,000 capsules per hour), the FEC20 convinces with its innovative drive concept featuring servo and torque motors, easy operation and a patented assembly system.

Both machines contain many identical components which can be easily replaced. If one machine is down, the user can react immediately and resume production very swiftly.

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