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We are happy to provide you with pictures for download. Please enter your contact data in the form. You can then download the picture and save it. In accordance with data protection legislation, your data will not be passed on to third parties.

Terms of use for photographic material in the press release download area

Thank you for your interest in our press release and photo archive. Here, you can download photos and videos (together "Photographic Material"). The download option and the Photographic Material are intended for use by professional journalists only. The Photographic Material may exclusively be used for editorial purposes, e. g., in broadcasting, in blogs, on websites with journalistic content, in newspapers and in magazines without exception. Any commercial or promotional use that exceeds these purposes is not allowed; such use must be explicitly agreed on with LMT Group separately and in advance. In this case, please contact medienlmt-group.com.

Please agree to the following conditions before using the Photographic Material:

I. Granting of usage rights

  • LMT Group grants a non-exclusive worldwide perpetual license to use the Photographic Material strictly limited to the context of professional, journalistic work.
  • The Photographic Material may be copied, distributed and made publicly available. It may be made available to website users on demand.
  • Users of a website on which the Photographic Material is used shall not to be permitted to store the photographic material permanently (download).
  • The Photographic Material may be changed, edited or used partially after approval from the LMT Group.
  • The Photographic Material must not be passed on to third parties. Sublicensing is not permitted.

II. Obligations during use

  • The Photographic Material must be marked, clearly legible, with the following text directly next to or on the corresponding photo/video: "Source: LMT Group"
  • Please send a message to medienlmt-group.com with information on how and where the Photographic Material is used. Please also include a copy/ screenshot or scan of the whole promotional design that contains the Photographic Material and (if used online) the corresponding link.

III. Applicable law

  • These terms of use are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany; the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.

Status: July 2015