P-MEC 2017

Fette Compacting capsule filling machine FEC40 premieres in Asia


At P-MEC 2017 Fette Compacting will show its new capsule filling machine FEC40 for the first time in Asia. The FEC40 sets new standards for capsule filling based on an innovative machine construction: With the Duplex Concept, Fette Compacting has applied the principle of double rotary tablet presses to capsule filling for the very first time. As a result, it is possible to arrange a double capsule filling process in the machine. Increasing output to up to 400,000 capsules per hour and decreasing production costs by around 30 percent. With this performance data the FEC40 is ideally suited for the demands of pharmaceutical manufactures in Asia.

Mumbai, 28 November 2017 – Capsules are second only to tablets when it comes to dosage forms for medication and nutrition supplements. More than 400 billion hard gelatin capsules are produced worldwide every year. In India hard capsules are even the fastest growing segment in India in terms of dosage forms, driven by a change in therapies and increasing complexity of medications. To date, the market has been dominated by capsule filling machines with a production output of between 100,000 and 200,000 capsules per hour. With its first capsule filling machine, the FEC40, Fette Compacting is able to increase the output volume up to 400,000 capsules per hour, thereby enabling users to reduce their production costs by up to 30 percent. The FEC40 is therefore setting new standards in the area of capsule filling

After its world premiere launch at interphex 2016 in the USA, Fette Compacting is now also presenting the FEC40 in Asia. In the United States, the first machine is already being used at Standard Process. The company is one of the leading US-American manufacturers of nutrition supplements and is using the FEC40 to respond to the globally rising demand for the products.

Double output, separate process times

The increase in performance of the FEC40 is made possible by the Duplex Concept. In doing so, Fette Compacting has applied its experience in the development of double rotary tablet presses to capsule filling. Process steps which were previously separate have now been merged. Fette Compacting has used the ensuing free stations to arrange a dual capsule filling process in the machine, thereby doubling the output. An innovative drive and control concept ensures increased productivity: using servo- and torque motors, process steps which have been coupled to date can now be set and optimized independently, enabling significant reductions in terms of overall processing times – without any compromises in terms of quality.

The FEC40 is available in two configurations: users can choose between two tamping pin stations and up to four pellet stations. Changes between tamping pin stations are made with the aid of a patented assembly system, thus making it possible to swiftly change between various dosing methods as well as between various products or batches. Thanks to this user-friendly assembly system, the tamping pin stations can be dismantled and cleaned outside the machine, thereby significantly reducing the conversion and cleaning times. Where additional pre-fitted filling stations are used, the FEC40 is ready for operation within only a short period of time.

Efficiency during operation, conversion and maintenance

The FEC40 also sees Fette Compacting implementing the TRI.EASY that enables simple and easy operation in the three key aspects of operation, conversion and maintenance. The concept guarantees 360° access, even when process equipment is connected. This enables operators to see and access all stations and permits optimal cleaning of the machine interior. Operation too is simplified by the interface of the newly-designed Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Intuitive graphic user guidance provides an overview of the relevant process and quality parameters at all times. All batch records of the FEC40 are stored in the database system along with the formulations.