The very latest capsule
filling machine in its class

Fast product change, intuitive operation and full control over all process steps: with the new FEC20, Fette Compacting has extended its product family of innovative capsule filling machines for ediumsized batches of up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

In 2016, Fette Compacting revolutionized capsule filling technology. In the form of the FEC40, the tableting experts launched a capsule filling machine whose high output of up to 400,000 capsules per hour continues to set new efficiency standards. Like the FEC40, the smaller FEC20 is now creating a buzz with its ultra-modern drive concept based on servo and torque motors, easy and intuitive operation, as well as the patented removal system for the tamping pin station. With a footprint of about 1.6 square meters, the FEC20 is more compact than other capsule filling machines with similar output, but size is not everything: its technical innovations make it the most advanced capsule filling machine in its class. Technically, the FEC20 and the FEC40 are based on the same basic concept. Many components can be used in both machines as eeded.

Two configurations

The use of servo and torque motors makes it possible to decouple previously linked process steps and adjust them independently. This reduces the overall processing time without any compromises in terms of quality. As a result, machine productivity increases significantly. The FEC20 is available in two interchangeable configurations. Users can choose between a tamping pin station and up to three pellet stations. The patented removal system permits swift tamping pin station exchanges, enabling users to change the dosing method, products and batches in no time at all. Easy conversion of the machine reduces waiting times while further increasing productivity.

TRI.EASY design for a 360° access to the machine