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January 2023
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Strong position

Following extensive investments, Fette Compacting’s tool production is ideally positioned for the future. Stephan Schilling, Head of Business Unit Tableting Tools, explains what this means.

December 2022

German Design Award: FE CPS is “Winner Excellent Product Design”

The FE CPS Continuous Processing System is not only the most modern industry solution for continuous mixing and dosing of raw materials. It has now also succeeded in impressing with its design and usability. At the German Design Award, it was named “Winner Excellent Production Design/Industry.”


German Design Award. Three awards for the website, the employer branding campaign, and acoustic branding.

Each of Fette Compacting’s three newly-designed, central communication tools was given a “special mention.”

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Diving into the world of data

Production data is everywhere. Collecting, understanding and using it requires a great deal of expertise. The OSDi (Abbreviation of Oral Solid Dosage intelligent) digital unit develops digital tools that help users get even more efficiency out of their machines and processes.

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Measuring like never before (ePAT)

In Continuous Direct Compression, Fette Compacting is also breaking new ground in terms of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). With the FE CPS, it has succeeded in fully integrating PAT sensor technologies. Dr. Anna Novikova, Manager Application Center and Pharmacist at Fette Compacting, has played a major role in this. In this interview, she explains what makes the new measurement system so unique.

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Continuous Manufacturing in Flow

The FE CPS guides powder into a continuous flow in a compact, precise and simple way. This opens a whole new chapter of Continuous Manufacturing in tablet production.

November 2022
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What's Next? – Fette Compacting Magazine 2022/2

October 2022

Gentle Compression

Metagenics Europe manufactures sophisticated magnesium tablets in Belgium. When looking for a high-performance tablet press from Fette Compacting, the nutrition specialist opted for a FE55, as this single rotary press has made it possible to combine high speed and gentle compression.

August 2022

F20i - the middle model

In the form of the F20i tablet press, Fette Compacting is expanding the trend-setting range of the new i Series. This powerful all-rounder is system-compatible, dust-tight and networkable.

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September 27-29 2022 in Nuremberg


Systematic Handling

The transport, cleaning, preservation and storage of tableting tools play a decisive role in tablet quality. When the tools are not in use, EasyCare solutions offer the best options for handling.


Start of training 2022

Investment in the future: Fette Compacting enables 17 trainees to start their professional career


Safety in milliseconds

Airbags deploy in a fraction of a second. The fuel tablets from ZF Airbag Germany in Laage ensure that the gas expands extremely quickly - and saves lives in an emergency.

July 2022

alva - always available

The new learning app alva from OSDi makes knowledge available around the clock. Using 3D graphics, animations and illustrated instructions, it promotes intuitive learning.


The FE CPS – Game changer

A new era has commenced in the area of Continuous Manufacturing: Instead of oversized and highly-complex plants, a technology is emerging that focuses on simplicity and efficiency. This game changer comes in the form of the FE CPS.

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