Our application tips - How to write a convincing application and get ready for your interview with us.

  1. The basis must be right. 
    Make sure that your application documents are complete. We need a short cover letter in which you tell us about your career to date, your motivation, and something about your personality. You should also attach your résumé and your last four references or school reports. If available, please also send us certificates, references or certifcates of completed internships, courses or seminars.
  2. Be well prepared.
    Prepare yourself for the interview. It's not about knowing the company or the industry in detail. Think about why exactly you are the right person for the training position. And very importantly: What questions are you dying to ask? These can be about the apprenticeship itself or about the company as a whole. It is important to show that you are interested in the job and the company.
  3. Let yourself be inspired.
    Whether you're preparing for a job interview or writing a résumé: let yourself be inspired by others. The internet offers plenty of opportunities to look for templates or other ideas. After all, you don't have to reinvent the wheel!
  4. Stand out from the crowd.
    It's not always easy to make your application stand out from the crowd. The most important thing is: be authentic and show us who you are. We don't want to hear empty phrases; we want to get to know YOU. So, think about what makes you special and express that. You are more unique thatn you think!
  5. Ask for help.
    Feeling a bit lost in the application jungle? No problem at all. Most of the people around you have probably been through the application process before. Ask your family or friends to share their experiences or to proofread your documents. And if you get stuck, simply give us a call. We will be happy to support you and to hear your voice even before your official application.  
  6. Stay calm.
    We are all only human. Don't let it all drive you crazy and just be yourself. And if you stumble during the interview, take a deep breath. That can work wonders!

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