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New generation of the p Series

Productive, universal, robust, efficient – in short, PURE. This is what the new p Series stands for, which for the first time is based on a technology platform for all standard applications. It combines high-performance tableting with maximum flexibility and a modern operating concept.

Good news for all users of the p Series or those who want to become one: Each of the three models is being modernized and launched as the new p Series. This means that extremely efficient tablet presses based on an innovative platform will be available in the near future for high productivity requirements in standard applications. The PURE concept not only provides numerous performance, quality and operating advantages, but also ensures simple (re-)validation of formulations given its full compatibility with the proven p Series.

Continuation of a 20-year success story

The success story of the p Series began in 2004 with the P2020 tablet press, in which Fette Compacting combines cost-conscious production with high precision, quality and safety. Since then, over 1,000 machines have been manufactured at the Nanjing site in China and delivered to more than 45 countries. After a series of upgrades and face lifts, a renewal of the entire series began in 2022 with the F10p, F20p and F30p models. The latter has now been available since May 2024 as the first model of the next generation. This generation change is accompanied by a high level of system compatibility: All relevant electronic and mechanical components of the new models are based on a universal Fette Compacting platform, ensuring a high level of vertical and horizontal compatibility with the existing series.

PURE as an overarching concept

ith this concept, the new p Series is aimed at the increased requirements of companies looking for a powerful and economical solution for standard applications in tablet production. This has resulted in the following key performance attributes: productive, universal, robust and efficient. The platform therefore enables particularly high performance in standard applications (productive). The new development focused on achieving an optimum balance between innovation and compatibility (universal). The machine design is geared toward intensive and long-term use in challenging production environments (robust). And these basic features are complemented by modern technologies for energy-saving operation, smooth integration of process equipment and even greater cost-effectiveness (efficient).

“The platform principle brings even more flexibility, performance and ease of operation for users. With the new models, we are taking the basic idea of the p Series to the ultimate level, i.e. the optimum combination of efficiency and quality,” says Rory Wang, Product Manager at Fette Compacting China.

High standardization and performance

The new concept ensures the requisite consistency in the core parameters, for example a consistently high tablet quality thanks to precise control of weight, density and hardness. In this context, the new p Series offers simple, standardized processes for validation, making it easier to comply with regulatory requirements. Added to this are fast changeovers between products or tablet shapes and increased output, which can be further increased by using the proven Fette Compacting segment technology. An efficient torque drive ensures improved device performance, a long service life and unrivaled energy efficiency. All of these leaps in performance can be achieved with a reduced footprint – thanks to a compact design with inte - grated components such as the dust-tight control cabinet and space- saving window flaps.

The high level of standardization of all operating modes minimizes potential process deviations and operator errors. Handling and maintenance of the tablet presses have been simplified even further. In addition to the robust structure, the main focus of the machine design was on a safe production environment. This includes reduced dust exposure, for example through the integration of an innovative dust-tight tablet chute. Furthermore, a broad integration of process equipment and improved data management are possible, ensuring a high level of future readiness and investment security.

Compact design: In addition to the integrated switch cabinet, space-saving window flaps ensure minimized space requirements with 360° accessibility and largest in class compression chamber.

Intuitive operation thanks to an ultra-modern graphic user interface

Next-generation operation

Operators can look forward to an all-round intuitive concept with the new p Series. The revised Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers simple operation and monitoring of all production processes, based on a state-of-the-art graphic user interface. In addition, all models use the widespread NGCC central controller with a CAN-Bus based internal communication system. This means the machines are equipped for the future and “digitally ready” for state-of-the-art con - nections, including IoT, digital management systems, and Industry 4.0 applications.

Optimal alignment to individual application scenarios

Similar to the previous series, the three models in the new p Series are designed for specific production requirements and capacities. The F30p, which is now the first available on the market, is ideal for large batches and also for the production of double-layer tablets. “The new generation brings together innovation and proven quality in tablet press technology. And, with the PURE concept, it provides the necessary efficiency, productivity and flexibility for all standard appli - cations,” says Wang, summarizing the leap in performance of the new p Series. “For our worldwide users of the p Series, this repre- sents a huge technological advancement,” adds Dr. Andreas Risch, Managing Director of Fette Compacting China.

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