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Investment in the future: Fette Compacting enables 17 trainees to start their professional career

Seventeen young people recently entered their professional career at Fette Compacting with the commencement of their training. Even in socially and geopolitically difficult times, the company trains and promotes young talent with suitable vocational training.

"At Fette Compacting, we consider high-quality training to be a sustainable investment in the future of our company, our employees, our industry, and also the business location. As the largest employer in the region, the topics of training quality and promoting young talent are particularly close to our hearts," emphasizes CEO Joachim Dittrich.

"Our young talents benefit from excellent training in technical and commercial professions," explains CFO Anke Fischer. "At the start of training, all 17 trainees and students begin with a joint kick-off week. Team building as well as getting to know the company are the main focus here. This year, we welcome four cutting-machine operators, five mechatronics engineers, three industrial clerks, two dual students in industrial engineering, two students with integrated apprenticeships (StudiLe) in mechanical engineering/industrial mechanics, and one StudiLe in electrical engineering/mechatronics. We would like to fill one more apprenticeship position for a cutting-machine operator in the near future, and look forward to receiving further applications."

Across all departments, the company ensures that all trainees are regarded as fully-fledged members of the team right from the start. Particularly committed trainees get the chance to complete a part of their training at a foreign subsidiary. After successful completion, trainees and dual students have a good chance of being taken on permanently.

The "trainee project" has always played a special role in the training program. In previous years participants dedicated themselves to a self-selected task that benefited the entire site. The first of these was the Green LMT project, with which the 2013 cohort beautified the green spaces on the factory premises in Schwarzenbek.

In order to inspire young people to work at Fette Compacting, the company offers a variety of insights. Internships, Girls Days and open days give interested young people the opportunity to get to know various professions in more detail.

In cooperation with the TH L├╝beck and the NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn, Fette Compacting offers the possibility of practice-oriented studies in a wide range of disciplines - from economics to information technology to mechanical engineering. The offer for student internships or supervised bachelor's and seminar theses also meets with great acclaim from students.

"We are currently employing 50 trainees and students. We train in four different courses of study and three different apprenticeships," adds Philipp Brakel as Global Head of HR at Fette Compacting. With the start of the 2022 training year, Fette Compacting has already commenced with recruiting for the 2023 training year.

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