Systematic Handling

The transport, cleaning, preservation and storage of tableting tools play a decisive role in tablet quality. When the tools are not in use, EasyCare solutions offer the best options for handling.

In tablet production, the tools used need to cover quite a distance. Although many processes in production are fully automated, the handling of the tableting tools is usually still manual work. This is risky, as the delicate components can be damaged even by being knocked slightly against each other. But this is exactly what happens again and again during transport, removal from storage, or during cleaning. There is a user-friendly overall solution for making this handling as low-risk as possible.

TRI.EASY Tool Box System

Fette Compacting offers an all-in-one solution that covers all tool handling steps in a single system. Thanks to an ergonomic design, the operator risk is significantly reduced. In addition, fewer handling steps are required, which optimizes production speed and quality.

The patented TRI.EASY Tool Box System comprises different box types for punches, segments and dies. The tools can be safely stored and transported in these boxes. The tools are stored in special trays in which users can place them directly from the box into the washing machine for cleaning. Among other things, this eliminates the need for time-consuming repositioning.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in tool cleaning is demanding: the complete system from Fette Compacting, ARUNA AG and Borer Chemie AG is suitable for GMP-compliant cleaning. The TRI.EASY trays with predefined positions for punches, segments, dies, bellows and dust caps, fit exactly into the Aruna cleaning system. With cleaning and corrosion protection agents from Borer Chemie, the tools are cleaned without leaving any residue.


After cleaning, the tools should be polished by machine. A polishing machine from nortec is used. It ensures higher efficiency, maximum productivity and a lower risk of damage compared to manual polishing. It also prevents the tablets from sticking to the punches. Both the granulate used for this and the polishing paste are food-grade.

Tool storage

After polishing, storage in the Tool Box System is recommended. These are easy to stack and offer protection against external environmental influences such as moisture and heat. Thanks to the longterm preservative deconex® HT 1191, the tools can be stored for extended periods.


This tool management system provides simple and reliable system-based management of tools and machine parts. It provides information on the condition and availability of tools for dependable tablet production.

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