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Tableting tools – every movement counts

Tableting tools still require some manual work. Apart from the operator’s qualifications, the Tool Box System in particular is decisive when it comes to efficiency during handling.


The transport, cleaning and storage of tableting tools is still primarily manual work. These work steps occur frequently in everyday production which means they account for a considerable share of overall efficiency. The rule is: every movement that is carried out correctly or can even be dispensed with entirely, thanks to an optimized system, counts. Conversely, handling can be a challenge if there are major deviations in personnel and shift plans, for example. This has often been the case during the pandemic.

One Tool Box System for everything
As a system solution, the TRI.EASY Tool Box from Fette Compacting has already proved itself in practice. The all-in-one system for punches, segments and dies covers all levels of tool handling. It reduces interim steps, thereby increasing throughput speed. Most of all, the risk of damage to the high-quality tableting tools is reduced. 

New trays
Another thing: as a technology partner, Fette Compacting is constantly expanding its handling system. As of 2021, new products also include trays for cleaning segments, bellows and dust caps.

Segmente beladen
Tray beladen

News bellows and dust caps
What’s more, a metal additive to the silicone of the bellows and caps makes automatic detection possible. Easy detection using a metal detector is therefore possible in the event of contamination. Assembly of the bellows no longer includes the retaining ring which enables users to save on even more handling steps.

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