Virtual Training – Smart Learning.

VRCampus offers virtual training that accelerates and intensifies staff training. Without blocking a real machine, staff can practice application- and cost-sensitive procedures as often as necessary. The virtual trainer, Avatar Helmut, guides them through the training course. His role model is “Mr. Tablette” Helmut Bommrowitz, the long-time head of the Fette Compacting Competence Center.


Machines are not occupied. No costs are incurred for their operation. Production processes continue.


A consistent training standard is ensured. Even new employees can swiftly acquire the requisite know-how.

Independent of location

Training can be carried out flexibly and independent of location. On request, even prior to machine installation!


Employees no longer need to worry about operating “their” machine incorrectly or damaging it.

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From discovery to expertise.

Training with VRCampus is based on a standardized process – for example, learning how to clean the isolator: The first virtual training session takes place in “discovery mode.” Together with avatar Helmut, the participants prepare an isolator for cleaning. The aim is to remove product residues and to work through all the steps using a checklist. Once participants feel sufficiently confident, they can move to a “test mode” where they can clean the isolator without instructions. Those who pass the test receive a certificate. Game elements, such as finding tablets, loosen up the VR training and increase motivation.

Experience VRCampus in practice!

We look forward to presenting and explaining VRCampus to you in detail. Please contact us and we will arrange an appointment.

Tim Klingenhof
Head of Training
Fette Compacting GmbH
Grabauer Str. 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

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