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The innovation and cost pressure in the industry is constantly increasing. As a result, more and more OSD dosage forms are being produced in Continuous Manufacturing processes. Compared to batch systems, continuous systems are significantly more space-efficient. The continuous material flow does not require any storage space for intermediate products and enables batch sizes to be scaled solely over the running time of the systems. In principle, the following applies: the leaner the design of the overall system, the easier and more precise the control over the production process. Fette Compacting therefore relies on the most compact and efficient process: direct compression.

Four times more efficient

Discover the advantages of Continuous Manufacturing.


Faster product launch, as process development and scale-up can be significantly accelerated.
Trial runs and subsequent serial production can be operated on the same system.
The material consumption for process development is significantly reduced.



Direct compression –
reaching the goals quickly and efficiently

Fette Compacting relies on the highly efficient direct compression process for continuous tableting systems. After dosing, the powder is fed directly from the mixer into the tablet press without additional granulation. Compared to other continuous processes, several costly and complex production steps can be omitted. Since the short, three-step production process requires only small equipment, it takes up very little space. Direct compression offers a lot of flexibility and enables quick product changes. It also provides a guarantee of quality: by feeding the powder from the mixer directly into the tablet press in a continuous flow, factors that might reduce quality can be minimized.

PAT-Sensors –
on-time quality control

For real-time analysis of powder and tablet quality using the PAT (Process Analytical Technology) system, Fette Compacting primarily relies on Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR). A NIR sensor in the tablet press allows each individual tablet to be examined for the concentration of active ingredients and to optimize the production process based on the data obtained. NIR spectroscopy is a particularly fast measuring method and therefore ideally suited for high-performance machines. When the NIR sensors reach their limits, Fette Compacting uses Raman spectroscopy. Thanks to a powerful laser, this method can often be used to precisely determine even low concentrations of substances.

Service –
Experts care for every detail

The process experts from Fette Compacting check the workability of a specific formulation and take care of the entire development phase of the continuous line. A test system for direct compression is available in the Competence Center in Schwarzenbek. The production line includes an FE Series tablet press, a mixing system and up to seven dosing units. It offers:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of individual components (dispenser, mixer, tablet press, PAT, etc.)
  • Improving of Continuous Manufacturing-know-how and special process knowledge
  • Cover Continuous Manufacturing
    Continuous Manufacturing
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Learn more about the opportunities
with Continuous Manufacturing

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