Data quality with
minimum effort

Machine types only capable of manufacturing low numbers of tablets or even individual pieces permit near-production research. This method is highly efficient for expensive pharmaceuticals and active substances in particular. After all, by gaining expressive data at minimum effort, both the costs of transferring development production to large-scale processes (upscaling) and the time to market are minimized.

Use in research
and development

In practical applications, it is apparent that the more efficient the processes are in R&D, the more reliable the results are therefore the shorter the time to market. Where required, you can extend machine capacity and productivity at any time for use in regular production.

Small batches, huge benefits

The 102i is the process-oriented development tablet press for clinical samples and small batches. All data that is relevant to production is recorded. It is possible to do Galenic work under production-like conditions. The machine can be refitted for the full spectrum of functions, including the possibility of making bi-layer and 3-layer tablets.

Technical data

102i data. So you see: High output accompanied by low spatial requirements makes this machine ideal for laboratory and test applications.


Stations (max.)

Tablet output units/h (max.)

Dimensions (max.)

Capsule sizes (max.)


102i 45 324,000 920 x 1,136 x 1,875 mm 25 mm approx 2,000 kg

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