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Efficiency is the decisive criterion when it comes to evaluating machines for tablet production. The figures show that Fette Compacting sets the tone in this regard: with several thousand installed machines, the company is the world’s market leader for tablet presses for pharmaceutical production. But special machinery from Fette Compacting is also very often the first choice in the manufacture of nutrition supplements and in the food industry.

TRI.EASYDesign –
360°access tothemachine

The tablet presses of the FE series combine – thanks to the Fette Compacting TRI.EASY design – maximum performance with uniquely easy operation, setting high standards for tableting.

For short product changeover times

The FE35 combines flexibility and a high level of availability with the shortest product changeover time in its class.

Making your machine investment secure and of lasting value.

For practically all types of tablets

The FE55 is the only machine of its size with which you can manufacture more than 90% of all types of tablets without necessitating additional investments or expensive refitting. This flexibility enables you to react swiftly to any situation.

This machine is also available with Containment option.

Maximum output with minimum space requirements

The FE75 is eminently suitable for large batches: with a maximum output of 1.6 million tablets per hour and a base area of only 2 m², it offers an optimum ratio of production rate to space requirement.

This machine is also available with Containment option.

Technical data

This summary indicates the right machine in the FE series for your requirements.


Stations (max.)

Tablet output (max.)

Dimensions (max.)

Tablet sizes (max.)


FE35 51 367,200 1,336 x 1,042 x 2,043 mm 25 mm approx. 3,000 kg
FE55 87 626,400 1,306 x 1,626 x 2,048 mm 25 mm approx. 4,000 kg
FE75 115 1,656,000 1,463 x 1,778 x 2,046 mm 25 mm approx. 5,300 kg

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  • FE Series
    FE Series
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  • FE35
    Name FE35
    Size 2 MB
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  • FE55
    Name FE55
    Size 2 MB
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  • FE75
    Name FE75
    Size 2 MB
    Amount 1
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