Efficiency and quality,
perfectly combined

During development of the P Series tablet presses, the combination of cost orientation, precision, quality and safety formed the guiding principle for Fette Compacting. The three machines meet the requirements in accordance with cGMP. They permit easy and flexible production as well as swift format changes.

P1010 – Compact for
small batches

The P1010 tablet press is the compact machine in the P Series. It is distinguished by its space-saving design. Easy cleaning and fast turret change make it an excellent choice for your serial production.

P2020 – most flexible for
middle batches

The P2020 reliably produces medium-sized batches of excellent quality. At the same time, it enables you to keep your investment cost low. After all, the P2020 was developed with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency. One decisive factor entailed optimally combining maximum standards in terms of productivity, precision and operating safety.

Smooth turret exchange –
seamless production

P Series tablet presses deliver outstanding performance and efficiency. In this video, you learn how fast the changeover from batch to batch can be completed. By this flexible and safe turret exchange, your P2020 will be ready to restart production in less than 30 minutes.

P3030 – Maximum quality
for large batches or mono- and bi-layertablets

The requirements on the safety of tablet presses are increasing. As are the costs of raw materials. Feasibility, therefore, is decisive for success – especially where large batches are involved. The P3030 unites flexibility, state-of-the-art technology and performance. Particularly convincing: its excellent price/performance ratio.

Technical data

This summary indicates the right machine in the P Series for your requirements.


Stations (max.)

Tablet output (max.)

Dimensions (mm)

Tablet sizes (max.)

Weight (kg)

P1010 32 230,400 900 x 1,163 x 1,888 25 mm approx. 2,000
P2020 47 338,400 1.200 x 1,450 x 2,010 25 mm approx. 3,600
P3030 79 1,004,880 1.370 x 1,620 x 2,073 25 mm approx. 4,800

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the P Series

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