Support –on-site
everywhere and at all times

In the age of globalization, the demands for service are rising. On the one hand, we are concentrating on reaching your site quickly, wherever you need us. On the other hand, you can rely on service being available round-the-clock, and on the option of being digitally networked with us.


generatescompetitive advantages

In order to gain decisive competitive advantages, efficient machines alone are not enough. Equally important are diverse service offerings. This does not just include maintenance and repair. But also advice - especially in performance and operation.

Technical field service
Experts with excellent qualifications

Kai Gericke, Manager of Fette Compacting’s Technical Field Service: “The performance of a machine stands and falls with proper maintenance and care.” This starts with commissioning. Regular, preventive servicing and modernization then follow.
Skilled experts are available to look after your equipment, both round-the-world and round-the-clock. All Fette Compacting’s service technicians have a double training as both electricians/equipment electronic technicians and as mechanics. This means that they get a comprehensive overview of your system during the inspection, servicing, or calibration of your machines.

Teleservice –
24/7 if desired

You need help and support fast? With our Teleservice our specialists are available 24/7. They support you either in German or English and have constant access to our extensive knowledge databases. So problems can be solved already at the first conversation. 

We also use digital means such as online/video conferencing tools and augmented reality solutions to diagnose the cause as quickly as possible and guide you through the process. Likewise, our service technicians can discuss with you about the condition of your machine prior to a planned service, in order to be able to carry out the operation as efficiently as possible for you. 



Spare parts
Only original parts are used

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) we only use original parts, both for our own machines and for our partners’ process equipment. Only such parts guarantee maximum quality and reliability, when the aim is zero-fault operation of your plant.

We have created a separate, dedicated spare-parts warehouse, holding more than 1500 parts, allowing you to get your spare parts as quickly as possible. Parts can be obtained in the shortest possible time. The warehouse inventory is continuously optimized in the light of customers’ retrievals.

Targeted stocking of spare parts
Practical application of liquid funds

“Buying” machine availability by holding a large stock of spare parts – that was yesterday! Our experts prepare a strategy of targeted spare-parts stocking through a precise analysis of the equipment usage. This enables a sustained reduction in the capital lock-up in your spare parts stores.

Renewing the life cycle

Christian Peters, Manager of Fette Compacting’s Factory Rebuild Center: “Our tablet presses last forever if they are well looked after.” The typical investment cycle of around 10-15 years can be lengthened significantly through regular servicing and maintenance. We offer further options for bringing your equipment up to today’s standard and for increasing its performance with upgrade kits and general overhauls. A general overhaul puts particular emphasis on the control system, the electronics and the mechanics.

Find out more about
our services

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Together, we will develop ideas to make your production even more efficient, innovative and profitable.

Simply call us or send us an e-mail. For product details and orders, please also use our online shop or catalog.

Global Customer Support 
Fette Compacting GmbH 
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Technical Customer Support
T   +49 4151 12 427

Spare Parts Sales 
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Training & Consulting 
T   +49 4151 12 569

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