Quality ensures system harmony.

The high quality of our tableting tools is revealed in the perfect “harmony” between the machine, turret and tool. As a system partner, we are also a competent consulting partner for tableting tools. We support you in continuously optimizing your entire value-added chain.

Tableting tools

Whether tablets are round, have special shapes, engravings, curves or score lines – Fette Compacting has the ideal solution for various customer requirements.
Apart from the standardized EU and TSM formats, Fette Compacting also offers its own specially-developed FS® punches with application-optimized head shape. For example, the EU19 FS®, which achieves a 50% improved service life compared to the conventional EU19, thanks to its optimized head shape.

Tableting tools

As diverse as the tablet design.

Tableting tools
Segments and dies

Segments are a patented development of Fette Compacting.
They substitute the conventional turret die table and the actual dies themselves. Conversion minimizes product loss, achieving higher yield volumes and reducing changeover times by 70%.
With their various materials and coatings, the dies are tailored for the respective application.

Segments and dies

Suitable for any requirement.

Tableting tools - Segments and dies
Pmax® turrets

Durch eine Nachrüstung mit Pmax® Rotoren – besonders in Verbindung mit den Stempeln FS12® – erhalten Sie die leistungsfähigsten Tablettenpressen der Welt. Sie steigern Ihre Ausbringungsmenge ohne größere Investitionen um 40 %.

Pmax® turrets

Adapted to standard requirements, the FS12® punch permits an increase in output of 40% and more accompanied by consistent production time.

TRI.EASY Tool Box System

Tableting tools are extremely sensitive. The less they are handled, the lower the risk of tools being damaged through handling. The innovative TRI.EASY Tool Box System permits safe tool transport, storage and cleaning.

TRI.EASY Tool Box System

Easy and safe handling of tools

Tableting tools - TRI.EASY Tool Box System

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Tableting tools - Pmax® turrets

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