Changes in Management

Stefan Moll (COO) will be leaving the Fette Compacting Group.

Headquarter LMT Group

Schwarzenbek, November 30, 2018 – As of November 30, 2018 Stefan Moll, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fette Compacting, will be leaving the Fette Compacting Group in the best mutual understanding.

Stefan Moll belonged to the Management Board of Fette Compacting since October 2016. From this date, Stefan Moll assumed responsibility for Production, R&D/Engineering and Processes/Quality. With the digital project “SmartCompacting” of Fette Compacting and the digital project in collaboration with the Excellence United, Mr. Moll took the company on its way into the digital era.

As COO of Fette Compacting, Stefan Moll made further progress on central strategic projects and made a decisive contribution towards development of the operative business of Fette Compacting in the recent two years. During his tenure Fette Compacting made progressive investments to ensure the Group`s future viability, especially by improving the process-, structure and product innovation.

Olaf J. Müller, CEO LMT Group and Division President Fette Compacting will now take provisional responsibility for those areas managed by Stefan Moll until a successor is determined.

The Management of the Fette Compacting Group complied with the wishes of Stefan Moll with extreme regret. In the words of Olaf J. Müller, Division President Fette Compacting: “We respect Stefan Moll`s personal decision and would like to thank him for his extraordinary commitment to the Fette Compacting Group and our very successful cooperation during the last two years. We wish Stefan Moll all the best for his personal and professional aspirations in the future.”

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