Performance Consulting. More efficiency, lower costs.

Refitting machines, rethinking routines, readjusting processes, optimizing the management of servicing and of spare parts: Our teams are specialized in discovering cost-drivers and efficiency-brakes in the company, and offering solutions. This allows performance reserves to be opened up, and costs to be lowered.

Consulting topics. How we provide support.

Icon optimizing output

Optimization of the machine settings for your product. For higher output.

Icon identification

Identification and elimination of disruptive factors leading to product loss. This might include:

  • Variations of hardness/weight
  • Capping/sticking/fracture
  • Contamination
Icon reduction

Reduction in:

  • Cleaning times
  • Fitting times
  • Machine downtimes
Icon Tool-Management

Optimization of:

  • Maintenance management
  • Tool management

What is and will
continue to be important.

Articles and reports on current developments and technological innovations. For even more efficiency!

News and trends

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