Endurance Test – EU19 FS® punch from Fette Compacting: the field trial.

Production employees were very surprised when their current set of tableting punches became defunct after only twelve batches while the set of EU19 FS® supplied by Fette Compacting continued providing its service. This is what happened during a field test with a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Germany. And the answer to their differences lies in the tiniest detail.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer used a tablet press from Fette Compacting with a die turret featuring 36 stations for pressing calcium into an oblong-shaped tablet. The material represents a challenge for tableting as it demands high compression forces which, in turn, means increased pressure on the punches used. This was compounded by the fact that the punches were guided through a feather key without turning the punch. This results in a consistent pressure area which further increases wear.

Looking for sturdier punches
In order to optimize production, the company was on the lookout for punches which are less susceptible to wear. A comparison between the conventional EU19 punch and the EU19 FS® offered by Fette Compacting showed impressively what it all comes down to in such a pressure situation: while the standard punch revealed a damaged surface after twelve batches, the EU19 FS® was practically intact despite the same output (see illustration 1). This stability is attributable to the geometry of the punch head.

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