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Strong brand. Strong appearance.

Fette Compacting celebrates its success at the German Brand Award.

At the German Brand Award 2022, Fette Compacting's brand presence caused a stir in four categories. In the category "Excellent Brands - Industry, Machines & Engineering", the jurors awarded a "Special Mention". Fette Compacting's newly designed website was also worth a special mention by the jury.

...and the Winner is: Fette Compacting in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Employer Branding". Our new campaign was the winner here. Another 1st place was awarded for "Acoustic Branding". Our unmistakable jingle caught the ear - and stuck.

This is how we present the - future and existing - employees as the "FC Global Family". This self-description reflects both the family concept/culture and the global scope of the company. But what constitutes the family? And with which talents/skills/experiences can one become part of this family and contribute?

We provide the answers to these questions in a distinctive way that only we can - because they are derived directly from the claim "be efficient".

The campaign is given authenticity by the employees who are already part of the "FC Global Family. They were photographed or filmed in their working environment. Based on the existing Fette Compacting Acoustic branding, we developed an independent campaign soundtrack.

Acoustic Branding 
Individuality - Flexibility - Continuity - Consistency
The acoustic brand core of Fette Compacting stands for the values of partnership, sustainability and courage, and symbolizes the brand promise of maximum efficiency. The acoustic brand theme forms the basis for all acoustic brand communication measures. 

Fette Compacting's acoustic branding pursues the same goal as the visual design. It communicates the brand values and enables quick and clear identification of the brand.

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