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Following extensive investments, Fette Compacting’s tool production is ideally positioned for the future. Stephan Schilling, Head of Business Unit Tableting Tools, explains what this means.

Stephan Schilling, Head of Business Unit Tableting Tools at Fette Compacting

Mr. Schilling, what demands do your customers place on the tools?

In principle, it’s quite simple: our customers want tools that meet their quality requirements and are available in a short time, whereby it is important that the tools can be used immediately and produce a high tablet quality. In addition to quality, there has been a trend in recent years for tools to withstand higher loads due to pressing forces and higher speeds in the machine. This improves machine performance and output.

How are you adapting to this?

We consider the entire value stream, from order entry to delivery to the customer – and even beyond departmental lines. In this way, we create transparency and identify potential, which we then work on in a structured way.

Please give an example of such potential!

For example, our team is working on the further development of our materials and coatings. This enables us to further improve tool performance. We can also increase their service life by using our special standards, including segment technology and FS12® punches.

What modernizations have you recently carried out?

The production hall in Schwarzenbek has been completely renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to all customer requests. Our employees are equally flexible, always acting in the best interests of our customers. Every day, they strive to increase quality and reduce throughput times in production. Ultimately, this is obvious to our customers who are then willing to place their trust in us.

What is your position on the problem of product piracy?

We must succeed in always being better than such competition, and we must protect our core competencies. Our most valuable asset is the knowledge in the heads of our employees, and no one can copy that. Therefore, I’m not afraid of imitators or even of product piracy, but am confident that a high-precision and continuously developed original tool is always better than a copy.

Segment technology is now 20 years old. What does this anniversary mean to you?

Nothing less than a revolution in tablet production! Segments are still gaining in importance year after year. Shipments of segment rotors are rising continuously. After a hesitant start-up in the early years, it is now a globally established technology.

This year is also marked by EasyCare. What is behind it?

EasyCare is a comprehensive system for the safe handling and GMP-compliant cleaning of tableting tools. The product range comprises several elements that are avail­able individually, but above all develop their full efficiency impact in combination. These include our TRI.EASY Tool Box System, a cleaning machine from our partner ARUNA, and a polishing machine from our partner nortec. The wash trays, for example, are precisely coordinated to the cleaning machine, ensuring simplified handling during cleaning and increased efficiency during washing.

How mature is EasyCare?

The system is ready for the market. Customers can test all the modules at the Schwarzenbek site, where they have the opportunity to obtain an exact impression. Several Tool Boxes are already in use at customers’ sites, as are the first machines we are operating with our partners. In the long term, EasyCare will be an important component in our portfolio, because the use of high-quality tools requires careful handling.

What tool innovations are you working on?

We continue to develop our tools on a daily basis. One focus is on increasing load-bearing capacity. The use of new materials and coatings allows significantly higher pressing forces and gives users the option of getting the most out of their machines.

What other plans do you have for the future?

We want to make the Business Unit Tableting Tools a full-range supplier for everything to do with tableting and offer our customers integrated solutions. If the tablet presses from Fette Compacting also have the right tools, users are guaranteed the greatest possible system harmony and thus maximum efficiency. This is something we are fully committed to.

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