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The ConditionMonitor is a web-based application from Fette Compacting. It displays current and historical machine data for your production and separately for each connected machine. This allows you to detect deviations and any indications of problems at an early stage.

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You retain an overview of central production parameters, independent of time and space.

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Thanks to the visual dashboard, you always have an overview of performance, quick access to relevant data and an even better understanding of your production.

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Color-coded thresholds for your KPIs help you to quickly notice deviations and intervene in time.

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Data is displayed accumulated or for individual machines. You can compare current and historical data and correlate parameters.

Deeper insights - thanks to a larger database.

As a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for tablet presses, we understand your requirements. Worldwide.
  • Data basis: As an OEM, we create the data basis for long-term analyses for visualizing relevant deviations.
  • Threshold values: Based on our extensive experience, we can recommend threshold values tailored to your production.
  • Digital eco-system: ConditionMonitor is the key to further digital applications for increasing machine performance and optimizing your maintenance strategy.
  • Relevance: We support you in the selection of data points for your KPIs.
  • Integration: The vertical integration of the system, with additional sensors and high-frequency data, forms the basis for the analyses and optimization of production.

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Control and optimize.

The user-centered approach makes ConditionMonitor a simple and powerful control and optimization tool.

Everything at a glance

The central KPIs are displayed on the main page:

- OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
- Capacity
- Output (in different segments)
- Daily production

In addition, each integrated machine is shown by means of a compressed preview. This provides initial information on the current status of the respective machine and you can switch to the corresponding detail page with a single click.

Everything at a glance

The homepage features the dashboard with widgets of
accumulated KPIs and connected machines.

OSDI ConditionMonitor SiteView Screenshot
All machine parameters at a glance

The “Machine View Page” shows individual details of the current batch production based on these KPIs, among others:

- OEE (of the selected machine)
- Production progress for the current batch
- Good/Bad production
- Standard deviation
- Press forces

Thanks to the colored display, you can immediately see which KPIs are outside the defined threshold values. With a click, you can view further data in a special detailed view.

All machine parameters at a glance

The dashboard displays various KPIs for individual machines.
The visualization and use of a color system allow for a quick assessment of the status.

OSDI ConditionMonitor Asset View Screenshot
Detailed data for your KPIs

The history of the selected parameter is viewed in the Deep Dive view over the entire duration of batch production. You can specifically compare this parameter with other parameters or historical data and show warnings over time.

Detailed data for your KPIs

Clicking on a widget opens the Deep Dive view of the
corresponding parameter offering further details.

OSDI ConditionMonitor Deep Dive Screenshot
Golden Batch - the benchmark

Visualize an ideal-typical batch production for selected parameters and save batches for comparisons at a later stage. This way you set the benchmark for your production.

ConditionMonitor Golden Batch Screenshot
Notification Center

The warnings can be filtered and sorted. This means you can quickly and easily find out which machine is susceptible to more frequent warnings and analyze them better.

Notification Center

Warnings and error messages of all connected machines
in a central location.

OSDI ConditionMonitor Notification Center Screenshot

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We will be happy to tell you more about its features, benefits and how to get started with the application.

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