F20i - the middle model

In the form of the F20i tablet press, Fette Compacting is expanding the trend-setting range of the new i Series. This powerful all-rounder is system-compatible, dust-tight and networkable.

In autumn 2022, Fette Compacting will launch the F20i, the next tablet press in the new i Series. As the youngest member of the new i Series, it closes the gap between the flexible single rotary F10i and the high-volume double rotary press F30i.

Producing up to 475,000 tablets per hour, the F20i is the true all-rounder in this trio. Optimized for quick turret changes, it is suitable for a wide range of products and batch sizes, enabling maximum flexibility in production. “For the new i Series, we have developed tablet presses that comprehensively meet modern solids production,” says Senior Product Manager Jörg Gierds. “The F20i represents a highly-efficient extension to this pioneering project.”

Comprehensive compatibility

Like the other machines in the new i Series, the F20i displays cross-generation system compatibility. All process-based assemblies are identical or similar to those of the classic i Series. This means that die and segment turrets can be adopted with minor modifications from the tablet presses of the previous machine generation. Practical experience shows that this compatibility reduces the time and effort required for validation and qualification of a new tablet press from weeks to mere days.

Standardized operator protection

All of the tablet presses in the new i Series are dust-tight in the standard version – from the press room through to the connections between the machine and process equipment. Stable negative pressure in the interior prevents any dust from being released from the machine. This protects operators from numerous types of exposure to active substances. If active or highly-active substances are to be processed on the F20i, it can also be upgraded with a suitable Containment Guard option.

Comprehensive networkability

The F20i has all the technical prerequisites for networked use in a modern production environment. Among other things, the complete process equipment can be integrated effortlessly according to the plug-and-play principle. The open interfaces comply with the usual automation standards, which means that the machine can be integrated into a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the Internet of Things (IoT). With the SmartInterface app, production can be monitored in real time via mobile devices.

Easy operation

Thanks to modern software, even less experienced users can operate the F20i effortlessly. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides solutions for intuitive control and documentation of the machine and process equipment. A Workflow Operation Wizard guides the user step-by-step and in an easy-to-understand manner through all standard procedures. The wizard can be used to save work steps, define process sequences, and call up checklists.

Optimized cleaning

The new design of the F20i is optimized for efficiency in all areas. Compared to it‘s predecessor models, this machine has significantly reduced shrouding parts, which minimizes the area to be cleaned and thus also reduces the required cleaning time considerably. This saves costs and at the same time minimizes the exposure of operators to active substances during machine cleaning.

Innovative tablet chute

For the new i Series, Fette Compacting has developed a high-performance multi-format tablet chute that is suitable for most common tablet formats. Thanks to the special shape of the track, the tablets automatically seek the path with the lowest frictional resistance, which actively prevents material jams. The new tablet chute is designed according to the so-called Poka-Yoke principle, which means that it can be disassembled and reassembled without tools.

Faster turret change

The engineers at Fette Compacting have equipped the F20i with an optimized turret change system. The turret can be removed for product changes in only a few minutes – much faster than with conventional tablet presses. After the operator has moved the compression stations into the parking position, they can simply change the turret with the aid of a support carrier. This not only saves time, but also reduces minimizes physical exertion.

Smart energy monitoring

Like the other tablet presses in the new i Series, the F20i features a modern energy monitoring system. This means that power consumption can be recorded in real time and stored together with the other production data in the batch log. Users can thus determine the number of kilowatt hours required for each product batch and use these figures to derive detailed forecasts of future energy consumption. Energy monitoring plays an important role today, among other things in cost analysis and planned sustainability measures.

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