From the first moment – fit for production

In the context of the life-cycle, a tableting machine plays an important role at the beginning of production: the faster the operatives learn how to use the machine, and the better are the adjustments of the machine, the more efficient is the production – from the very first moment.

specialist workers

A pharmaceutical manufacturer had decided for the first time in favor of tableting machines from the FE series at two factories. For the sake of a smooth start he booked consulting services from Fette Compacting

Intensive training
In the course of the five-day ramp-up training, the operatives first learned about the machine functions, proper operation, and which manual interventions are important when changing product and when cleaning and servicing the machine. The “Start of Production Support” followed this first training unit.

Man and machine learn together
The unique feature: The training was not only carried out right at the actual production machine, but for the associated product as well at the same time. This meant that the sample batches provided the opportunity for an accurate product qualification. The users learned in this way which machine settings and additional components could be used to achieve optimum product quality and maximum output. A Consulting Report reported the results as a benchmark for future production.

The basis for a perfect start
The foundation stone for a production process with the lowest possible product loss was thus laid at the beginning. Both the technical knowledge gathered in this way and the optimized production made such a good impression on the company that it adopted this consulting immediately as a standard procedure for every new tableting machine.

Success facts from the Consulting Report

  • Evacuation set to 2 hectopascal for this specific product. Less material escapes in this way.
  • Reduction of product loss from 2.4% to 1.4%. Saving: 4 kg per batch.
  • Fill-o-Matic table adjusted from the standard 0.1 mm to 0.03 mm for this particular (very fine) product.
  • Optimum settings and parameters documented as a benchmark in the Consulting Report. This means that an output of 400,000 tablets/hour can also be ensured in the future

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