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Kendy's Box – the TRI.EASY Tool Box System from Fette Compacting

The nutrition manufacturer Kendy Pharma has opted for the Tool Box System from Fette Compacting, making lots of things easier since.

Segmentkoffer Kendys

In Bankja, Bulgaria, Kendy Pharma manufactures nutrition supplements, including vitamin and mineral preparations as well as dietary products for strengthening bones. All nutrition supplements in tablet form are produced on three i Series tablet presses. 

“We have been convinced of our collaboration with Fette Compacting since 2005,” reports Vladimir Kostadinov, Technical Manager at Kendy Pharma. “The only area still requiring improvement was in handling the tools. Cleaning and transport were too time-intensive which meant handling lagged behind the otherwise so efficient technology.” 

Plastic boxes are a thing of the past 
At the Interpack trade fair in 2017, the company first appraised the TRI.EASY Tool Box System from Fette Compacting which was still an absolute innovation at the time. “We immediately saw that there was a world of difference between the plastic boxes used in the past and the new Tool Boxes,” claims Kostadinov. “After some initial tests, we decided to use a Tool Box for each format size.” 

Kostadinov sees the most important advantages in the more compact size which facilitates handling at the machine, for example, and in the time saved when cleaning. “We have two washing machines but manual cleaning is still often necessary. For example, in the case of sharp-edged or special tablet design,” adds Kostadinov. “In both situations, the boxes and trays where tools are stored together have significantly facilitated the cleaning process. On average, we save a full hour per cleaning cycle – more than we would have expected.”

Patent details TRI.EASY Tool Box System
EP 3 103 594 B1
EP 3 106 268 B1

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