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Fast aid from the experts: this is what LiveGuide stands for. This app enables tablet manufacturers to rely on precise and safe troubleshooting. And the tool has proved itself on countless occasions during the pandemic in particular.

LiveGuide Problemdiagnose

Not every user knows how to react to all problems. Colleagues are not always available and the machine documentation is not always to hand as it must be stored outside the production area. What if there was immediate remote help available in such cases?

Fette Compacting asked itself this and many other questions while developing the LiveGuide troubleshooting app. The result is an iterative digital tool in the OSDi division, as explained by Senior Innovation Architect Nina Mang: “We developed LiveGuide in several individual steps, always in close cooperation with our customers. Even after the launch, we will continue to extend its functions to ensure that they are always in line with user requirements.”

Hotline for manufacturers of solid formulations
The result is an expert tool which is tailored specially to manufacturers of solid formulations. The app makes it possible to swiftly detect disruptions in a live chat with the technical team at Fette Compacting and to remedy them in a reliable manner. Via a secure connection, documents can be exchanged and video conferences held. To ensure that the experts’ instructions can be implemented directly at the machine, the app is optimized for mobile end devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. An extra connection to the production network is not necessary. LiveGuide stores all solution instructions in a customer archive, enabling users to access them at will.

AR function and integrated translation
Features also include an augmented reality function (AR), which increases the precision of troubleshooting using visual show tools. In-app translation using the intelligent DeepL language tool also helps to overcome language barriers between experts and operators.

LiveGuide is available in three license models: One free guest license permits troubleshooting with an expert from Fette Compacting for the duration of a case. The standard license also provides the opportunity to independently create cases and invite colleagues. The premium license makes it possible to add any third parties as guests. The app is available around the clock in the standard and premium license. The experts at Fette Compacting are available during local service hours.

Tried-and-tested digital aid
“Particularly during the pandemic, our virtual tool has proved itself immensely,” is how Mang looks back on some insightful months. “Corona showed how fast manufacturers need to react to changed production conditions today. As a direct link to the experts, LiveGuide is a conceivably simple way – and it will stay with us even after the pandemic.”

Smart tools for the production of solid formulations

OSDi is an abbreviation combining the production of oral solid dosages with digitalization. The team in this Fette Compacting division uses the agile methods of Design Thinking and Lean Start-up which consistently focus on user requirements. This way, eight applications for tablet production are ready for the market or in the process of being developed.

You can find more info here: www.osdi-solutions.com

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