The power of segments

Innovation as a continuous process.

As the inventor of segment technology, Fette Compacting has the highest level of experience with the system. Ongoing development and extension ensure that segments will also contribute to modern, efficient tablet production in the future.

A revolution in tablet production: Fette Compacting patented segment technology in 2001. That’s where the success story of segments started. Since then the technology has become globally one of the most successful and widespread innovations. It is no longer possible to imagine the production of branded drugs at the big pharmaceutical companies or at the makers of generic drugs without segments. And the success story goes on. Fette Compacting is continuously developing new offers, such as special geometries or materials. It’s time to look back – and to take a general look at the latest developments in the segments field.

Segments for special materials and geometries
Special materials are sometimes needed for pressing, depending on the nature of the powder and the granulate, particularly when abrasive or adhesive components are included. Fette Compacting has developed carbide inserts for segments for just such requirements. This lets users reduce abrasive wear and ensure optimum tablet quality. The service life of the segments is tripled through minimizing ring formation and erosion of the walls. Over the years, Fette Compacting has also converted a large number of special geometries to segment technology, and has risen to the challenge of rising demand.

TRI.EASY-Tool Box System for segments
Segments are compact components that can be handled securely, easily and quickly. The TRI.EASY-segment boxes here provide additional security for these valuable tools. The boxes offer a secure, easier method of storage and can be washed in the washing tray provided for this purpose for all sizes of segment. A plug-in system allows any size of segment to be used in just one box system. And there are also box systems for punches and dies.

The advantages of segment technology

The clever way to higher output
Dies with multitip punches have long been one of the most important ways to increase output. Suddenly, another lever for an increase of up to 40 percent output appeared: segment technology. The trick was that the holes are made directly in the segments. This means that significantly more tablet stations can be integrated into a segment turret of the same size. Loss of product is also reduced, while production safety rises. There is no difficulty if the punches used before with dies continue in use with segments. 

Time is money
The segments replace both the conventional die table as well as the dies. But, in contrast to die tables, only two fastening bolts now have to be undone for a changeover. The refitting is also done with just a few manual operations, while production parameters and filling behavior remain unchanged. Cleaning is something else that is faster. As compared with the use of multitip punch, there is also no need for additional downtimes – such as the manual operations needed for exact alignment of the dies.   

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