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Under the Florida sun – i Series at Health Genesis

Health Genesis is riding the wave of growth in the nutrition supplements market. Not far from Miami, this family-owned company produces high-quality nutritional supplements.

2090i Health Genesis

Vitamin D is a classic case of nutrition supplements. Although the human body can produce the vitamin itself, this is only possible when there is enough sunshine - and that is something which can often be lacking in our modern everyday lives. As a "sun substitute", Health Genesis manufactures Vitamin D preparations, among others, from its ideal location in the Sunshine Sate of Florida.

“We also produce minerals, sports products, enzymes, and other vitamins in their respective suitable forms,” explains Irena Bozdogan, President at Health Genesis Corporation. “As a family-owned company with cGMPcertified equipment, we have high demands on quality: from the very best raw materials to reliable production technology and detailed final inspection.”

Product variety which runs smoothly
In an effort to combine these demands with more efficient production, Health Genesis has opted for a refurbished tablet press 2090i from Fette Compacting. This singlerotary press is based on technology which has been tried and tested and is flexible, is easily cleaned, and can be converted to various formats.

“We wanted to use it to efficiently achieve tablet forms of several types of vitamins, a plant-based enzyme, the L-Citrullin amino acid, and the L-Carnitin ‘fat-burner’,” explains Bozdogan. “The product variety in particular means that we attach great importance to easy conversion. But what also inspired us about Fette Compacting was the smooth machine installation and extensive operator training. And we have been amazed at the commitment shown by the team from the very start.”

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