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What's Next? – Fette Compacting Magazine 2022/1

A new era has commenced in the area of Continuous Manufacturing. For years, Fette Compacting has relied on the lean and efficient direct compression process for continuous production. Building on this, we have now realized an entirely new technological leap to present you with a world premiere: clear the stage for the FE CPS!

In this issue of What’s Next? you will discover what makes the new continuous tableting system so special. The FE CPS is as compact, efficient and simple unlike any other direct compression line before. It features dust-tight process units and fully-integrated process control. With these and other innovations, it takes Continuous Manufacturing to a new level.

But that’s not all: we are also taking the next step with the i Series and are presenting the F20i tablet press, the middle model of the new series. And the OSDi business unit presents the alva learning app, which uses 3D graphics, animations and instructions to promote intuitive learning. You will also gain the latest insights into containment research, the handling of tableting tools, and Global Customer Support.

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