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WHAT'S NEXT? – Fette Compacting Magazine 2023/2

With the new edition of the WHAT'S NEXT? magazine, we invite you to join us on a journey into the future of special machine engineering.

In this magazine, you will receive insights into the topics which are becoming increasingly importance for the area of special machine engineering and have found their way into our corporate strategy. Our customers are always at the heart of our commitment and attention, closely linked to high regard in which we hold our employees and partners. After all, the future is best designed through collaboration by all stakeholders. 

In this issue, you will find out what general changes lie ahead in the years to come and what we have planned in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. Find out what technological innovations are ensuring maximum quality and efficiency as formulations become ever more complex: from the new i Series through an innovative coating for tableting tools to powder compacting analysis with Lab Solutions. 

Just how far this collaborative focus extends over and beyond technologies is shown by the reports on our comprehensive fleet management and a new group with the promising name of “Future Technologies.”

We hope you enjoy reading!
Your team at Fette Compacting

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