Fast troubleshooting. With the expert live chat.

An error has occurred on your machine? LiveGuide offers expert help in real time, via video call. Use LiveGuide as an app or directly in the browser on your smartphone, tablet or smart glass, and rectify the error together with our experts directly at the machine.

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Data-secure live chat and video call/video conference functions are available. 

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Communication is facilitated by fast and uncomplicated exchanges of photos, documents etc.

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Content can be translated automatically into various languages within the app. 

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All processes solved can also be retrieved later via the archive function.

One app. Multiple benefits.

Digital archive

Identified solutions are stored together with the problems in an archive where they can be found quickly at any time.

OSDI LiveGuide Dauerhaft Icon
Shorter machine downtimes

Die Dosierräder erhöhen die Fließfähigkeit des Pulvers und sorgen für eine gleichmäßige Dichte. Präzise Abfüllung und Dosierung reduziert den Produktverlust.

Shorter machine downtimes

With LiveGuide, you reduce troubleshooting time by connecting directly with experts.

Efficient coordination

Das Fette Compacting TRI.EASY-Design ermöglicht eine einzigartig einfache und sichere Bedienung. Die Idee dahinter: Nur wenn Technik in den drei Dimensionen Betrieb, Umrüstung und Wartung gleichermaßen einfach ist, kann sie effizient sein.

Efficient coordination

Direct communication between you and Fette Compacting experts, between your technicians and users, and with external experts.


Can be used in the browser and on any mobile device:

  • tablet or smartphone
  • Smart Glass (Realwear HMT 1)
  • iOS or Android


  • Wifi or LTE at the production machine
  • No access to production network required

Useful information.

Who is available for customer help in LiveGuide?

Our technicians and performance consultants are available for technical support. Also we have the opportunity to include more experts from departments like R&D for second level support.

What is the advantage of LiveGuide compared to other popular messenger apps?

We respect your data: We follow a completely DSGVO compliant data privacy policy and the data is stored exclusively on German servers.

„A picture is worth a thousand words“. Higher efficiency and a „First-time-right“ hit rate due to document exchange and video conferences with detailed and fast live support. Documentation and archiving of every support case for high transparency and to prevent future problems.

Do I need a connection to the machine or production network?

No. The app is not connected to the machine or production network. Wifi, 4G and LTE on any mobile device is sufficient.

What kind of mobile devices does LiveGuide support?

LiveGuide is available on any device. As a native iOS and Android App as well as a Web app. The Web app is compatible with Google Chrome and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers, too.

LiveGuide is also compatible to the Realware HMT1 Smartglasses.

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Articles and reports on new and current developments and technological innovations. For even more efficiency!

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