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Would you like to have access to your machine data and protocols at all times and in any location? SmartInterface from Fette Compacting makes this possible! The server-based application enables you to monitor your production processes on mobile end devices. This means you can retain full control of production and detect deviations immediately.

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Always available

24/7 access to the HMI (Human Machine Interface) production and process data.

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Clear presentation

The data are presented in exactly the same way as you are accustomed to from HMI.

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Fast comparisons

Keep track of changes to process parameters and deviations at all times.

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Easily accessible

All reports and protocols are easily and swiftly accessible.

One application, many advantages.

  • Easy and fast access to data and reports
  • Swift detection of deviations thanks to real-time monitoring
  • It is no longer necessary to enter the production area to check the production parameters; contamination can thus be avoided.
  • A cloud connection is not necessary.
Process graphic

Das Fette Compacting TRI.EASY-Design ermöglicht eine einzigartig einfache und sichere Bedienung. Die Idee dahinter: Nur wenn Technik in den drei Dimensionen Betrieb, Umrüstung und Wartung gleichermaßen einfach ist, kann sie effizient sein.

Process graphic

The process graphic depicts production parameters in real time.

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KPI dashboard

A simple overview of the current production and machine status at any time.

Monitoring all process data

Die Dosierräder erhöhen die Fließfähigkeit des Pulvers und sorgen für eine gleichmäßige Dichte. Präzise Abfüllung und Dosierung reduziert den Produktverlust.

Monitoring all process data

You can use the monitoring functions to record and export all process values and utilize them for analyses.

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  • Machine types with HMI software, Visual7 version or higher (FE series, new i series)
  • The machine must be integrated in an IT network (TCP/IP).
  • The mobile device must be within the machine network or communication (e.g., via network routes) must be possible.

Useful information.

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